A Sneak Peak… and a Confession

It’s been a busy winter for me.
Aside from building my new website, I have been creating lots of new
mosaic work that I’m very excited about.  This will all be ready for you
to see pretty soon. But…

the meantime, I wanted to share something kind of quirky about myself: I am obsessed
with seeing improvement, visual changes in things that I’m working on.
I’ll admit that sometimes I let a mess build up a little bit longer than Martha Stewart would approve of,
just so I can enjoy how much better it looks after I clean it. My
kitchen floor is a prime example of this. Ok, I know it’s weird. But other than that, I’m completely normal, I swear.

Here are two mosaic frames that I just finished. The first picture of each shows the
tesserae (or tiles) adhered to the frame. The second picture shows the grout
applied, before the surface is cleaned. The third picture shows the
finished piece all cleaned off. Cleaning the surface is like magic.

Black grout has a particularly dramatic effect, almost like a stained glass window. The colors really pop.

Stay tuned for more visual “journeys” through the process of creating mosaics. This is just the beginning.

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